Printers, Drivers & SBAs, Oh My!

Recently, two ControlUp users, Matthias Stutzke from Schneider Versand and Josh Edwin, Citrix Engineer – Systems Administrator III at B/E Aerospace, contributed simple but effective scripts to the Community SBA collection. Matt gave us List User’s Printers and Josh wrote List User’s Mapped Network Drives.

These SBAs may seem too simple and not very useful, but consider the scenario where you are trying to assist a user who cannot run an app based on a mapped drive or a user who would like to print something. Without ever touching the remote computer or initiating a remote control/shadow session, you can find out if they ever got the mapped drive in the first place, or if the mapped printer is there in the session or not. This doesn’t solve the issue, obviously, but it allows you, the admin, to gather more useful information with a minimum of effort. You can also leverage these if you are trying to compare a group of sessions to ensure that they are all processing scripts or GPOs in the same manner. Choose the whole group that you want to run the script on, run it, and reap the benefits of fast and pre-assembled results.

You could do it manually, but why? This gets you the information you need much more quickly and can shorten the remediation process.

Example output of Josh’s List User’s Mapped Network Drives SBA:

And here’s an example of  Matt’s List User’s Printers SBA:

The screens look new and fancy – right?  Thanks for noticing.  These  are from the new version of ControlUp, currently in Beta.

If you have ideas for helping out your fellow admins, we’d love to see your SBAs! From inside the SBA Management window in the ControlUp dashboard, simply highlight your script and click the ‘Share’ button.

Your SBA will be sent to us for review and possible inclusion in the library. You never know, your name might be here next!