Read the ControlUp Review in Virtualization and Cloud Review

Recently we sent ControlUp Real-Time to Tom Fenton, Contributing Writer at Virtualization & Cloud Review. In response, Tom has written a three-part series detailing ControlUp setup and use in a vSphere environment. The first article covers the installation, configuration and the layout of the ControlUp Monitor Console (CMC). This article also details how the stress level of systems is calculated. The second article covers ControlUp agent (CUA) installation on a system and examining and managing the processes on that system. The final article wraps up the series by showing some of the advanced features in the CMC, like managing multiple computers in parallel and comparing and managing Windows registry, services, file systems, and installed software on multiple systems. The last article also touches on how you can use triggers and incidents to automate the administration of the systems in your datacenter.

Many thanks to Tom Fenton for his attention and coverage.

The articles can be found here, here and here.