Restoring Normalcy to a Disrupted Workforce

Like many organizations, ControlUp employees are working from home to protect their health and safety in the face of the COVID-19 threat.

For employees used to working in an office, the change in routine that comes with working from home can be unsettling. With the constant barrage of news about COVID-19, the shutdown of entertainment, dining, and sports venues, school closings, government edicts banning public gatherings, concerns about personal and family health, and isolation from friends and colleagues, and it’s easy to see how unease can turn into outright fear.

Consider, then, the situation that IT teams face when supporting jittery office workers forced into isolated work situations. IT needs to deliver an infrastructure that provides a familiar, reliable, performant workspace to support dozens to tens of thousands of end-users — not with months of careful planning and thoughtful execution, not even tomorrow.

IT needs to deliver that EUC infrastructure NOW.

In recent weeks, we have heard from many IT organizations faced with that challenge. We have been working overtime to help existing customers quickly add ControlUp to just-spun-up environments and to help new customers implement ControlUp in their new environments.

With every engagement, we are inspired that our customer’s primary concern is to get the new environment implemented “right” to make newly-remote employees as comfortable with their workspace as possible. For our customers coping with situations driven by the COVID-19 threat, ControlUp’s ability to monitor, troubleshoot, fix, and analyze those new environments is more mission-critical than ever before.

This week, watch this space for tricks and tips to help IT better cope with the complex challenges driven by recent events. And, if you need additional capacity fast, call or contact us! We’re happy to work with you.