See All The Golden Nuggets – Top Insights Dashboard

ControlUp Insights, our historical reporting and analytics portal, offers a vast array of interactive historical reports with powerful drill down capabilities to deliver analytic insights regarding your virtual infrastructure and environment. Since ControlUp Insights collects a wide variety of performance data, it actually has a lot of hidden treasures that can be discovered. But now we are unearthing those treasures for you ,making them accessible and easy to reach – with our brand new Top Insights dashboard.

The Top Insights dashboard is a unique interactive dashboard showing you KPIs regarding user activity, system health and application usage. For example, you can see the slowest logons or top CPU consumers, longest CPU or I/O peaks, and which are your most popular applications. You can rearrange the widgets in the dashboard, minimizing those which do not seem valuable and placing the important ones in the center of your attention.

There’s more – all of the widgets are clickable, leading you to the pre-customized relevant report showing you the data relevant to the displayed KPI. This makes for an easy overview of your environment and control of any issues that appear – spot an issue and click to drill down.

But the crown diamond in the treasure chest is our ability to run a BI engine which understands your IT performance metrics and queries them to find interesting anomalies and insights – the likelihood of which finding on your own, by chance, is slim. We call it your IT “Virtual Expert”. Anything interesting that happens in your environment will show up: Users who have suddenly logged in after a long absence; A VM that shows critically low free disk space; New applications that were installed; new devices that showed up in your network – and those are just a few examples. On the top of the Dashboard you’ll find three or more colored widgets showing these extraordinary data findings. All these golden nuggets are not static either – sure enough, click on them to see the relevant report, pre-configured to show you the relevant data.

What does it look like? See this short video of the Top Insights dashboard.

We at ControlUp believe that you’ll find the Top Insights dashboard to be a valuable partner in your daily routine – combing the mounds of raw data and pointing you to the hidden treasures within. At a quick glance you’ll spot the most interesting facts about your environment, and be able to drill down into the relevant reports instantly, to get to the root cause.