Solve Issues Faster with ControlUp Real-Time DX v8.7

We’re pleased to announce the general availability of ControlUp Real-Time DX v8.7! Included in this release are a number of new capabilities and enhancements to make our end-users jobs easier, including the ability to perform hundreds of script actions directly from ControlUp’s next-gen user-interface (UI), Solve. We’ve also included enhanced support for Azure virtual machines, a new GPU feature, new data visualizations, security enhancements, and much more. Read more about Real-Time DX v8.7 in this blog!

Solve Actions are now available in ControlUp Real-Time DX!

You can now run built-in and script actions to remediate issues and optimize your virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) directly from the Solve interface. Need to log off a user? Right-click and execute! Need to terminate a process? Right-click and execute! Need to reboot a machine? Right-click and execute! Solve is the single pane of glass to do all your monitoring and remediation activities.

Additionally, the output is much more intuitive and user-friendly. Who doesn’t like to make their job easier, right? Please refer to the Getting Started with Solve Actions guide to learn more about this feature.

Let’s talk Dark Mode

Aside from what we’re releasing in v8.7, ControlUp now offers Dark Mode! This is something we know our customers are all excited about and have been asking for. Aside from the energy savings, blue light reduction, and overall coolness factor, do I need to point out all the benefts? 

Enhanced support for Azure virtual machines

ControlUp has improved its monitoring of graphics performance for AMD virtual machines in Azure. Prior versions of ControlUp would only monitor the graphics performance of Azure virtual machines with NVIDIA graphics, but with ControlUp Real-Time DX v8.7, Azure virtual machines with AMD graphics can have their performance characteristics monitored by ControlUp, too!

To use the new GPU feature, there are some prerequisites which you can refer to in this support article.

Vendor-agnostic GPU support

ControlUp requires GPU drivers that support WDDM 2.3 and operating system versions at least at Windows 10 (version 1709 or newer), or Windows Server 2019 or 2022. With these requirements satisfied, their GPU performance metrics will be available in ControlUp Real-Time DX v8.7. This means ControlUp can now monitor the graphics performance from Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA video or accelerator cards. To use the new GPU feature, there are some prerequisites which you can refer to in this support article.

Wi-Fi and Home Network Trending Data

Remote DX has provided excellent insight into network issues that may exist in the home and and we are displaying the historical performance of those connections in Solve. Metrics available for visualizations are Network Latency (LAN, Internet and Session Latency), Wi-Fi Signal Strength and Client Packet Loss. This information is extremely helpful because it allows you to look back in time to validate whether an issue was caused by a user’s home network!

User activity gantt chart

Understanding what led to a problem is hard with just raw data. ControlUp helps visualize a user’s experience by presenting a gantt chart of a user’s activity. Now questions about what occurred over a prolonged session can be answered quickly and easily. Did the user disconnect and reconnect from a different device? What processes were started and when? How long was the user active or idle? Gain these insights and more, with the new gantt chart in the users session activity report.

Security Enhancements

Solve is THE tool for monitoring and remediation and with great power comes great responsibility. ControlUp Solve can reduce your security surface area by allowing you to restrict access to Solve via a list of approved IP addresses. This way, even if credentials are compromised, access can be denied unless it comes from a specific secure location.

Adding ControlUp users is easier!

ControlUp admins can now add users with the “Add ControlUp Users” feature in Solve settings. You can easily add groups of users by running a script action in the Real-Time Console to export users from your Active Directory into a CSV file that you then upload in Solve settings. Once uploaded, those users are added to ControlUp and can access Solve with the right permissions applied. Learn more

We wouldn’t have been able to make ControlUp the product that it is without feedback from our customers. Thanks to all of you for your support! Now that you have read all about why you should upgrade to Real-Time DX v8.7, including taking advantage of many new capability enhancements like integration of Solve Actions, greater support for Azure virtual machines, vendor agnostic GPU support, new data visualizations and much more, what are you waiting for? Download ControlUp or upgrade to v8.7 today!

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