What’s new in ControlUp Insights

Since we first launched ControlUp Insights in early 2016 so much has changed, new reports were added and lots of updates happened behind the scenes. While sticking to our guidelines of keeping it simple, interactive, beautiful and insightful, you may have also noticed a significant performance boost. This is actually due to ControlUp’s investment in the back end hardware as well as continuous database query optimization, carried out in order to improve your experience while using ControlUp Insights. We’ll keep working on making your experience as smooth as possible.

Let’s review what’s changed and what’s new:

Six new reports were added to ControlUp Insights since the initial release in late January 2016, a new report roughly once a month. This fast pace is expected to continue as we keep releasing new reports and improving the existing ones. While ControlUp Insights is currently a powerful tool, it will keep getting better and more valuable as time goes by.

Insights reports cover different aspects of your EUC, User Activity, Application activity and Resource Consumption.

User Activity Reports

Our User reports initially included Session Count, Session Activity and Session Details. One new report which was recently added is the Sessions Resources Report, which shows you the resource consumption of your users’ sessions in a table so you can easily spot the highest consumers and any extraordinary usage stats within a selected time frame.


The Protocol Latency Report shows you the average latency for the selected user sessions and allows you to filter by branch (a location you configure in the ControlUp console under Settings – Branch Mapping).  This report allows you to see latency issues per different locations and during specific times, so you can easily detect slow responsiveness and issues around your users’ connectivity.

System Health Reports

You’re probably familiar with Computer Trends and Host Trends. A new addition to that section is our Computer Statistics report, delivering a table of any selected VMs (or physical machines) so you can easily find or filter the highest CPU/RAM/Disk R/W (etc.) consumers at a glance.

Top Windows Errors is ControlUp’s first (but certainly not last) report to deliver KaaS – Knowledge as a Service. It uses the power of Collective Analytics™ to show you your top ten Windows errors and how often they occur, while comparing them to the general ControlUp Insights user community (the information is anonymized, of course). While this points your attention to the most common issues in your organization and how they compare to other organizations, it also suggests ways to resolve the issue, delivering powerful proactive problem solving to your doorstep.

Application Usage Reports:

Two new reports were added to this category:

Citrix License Usage (available with ControlUp V6) allows you to see the utilization of your different Citrix products in any given time frame to discover where you’re lacking licenses, where you’ve bought too many and how to make the most of your resources. This complements the real time monitoring of your Citrix license usage, which you can achieve simply by adding your Citrix Licensing Server to the ControlUp real time console.

App Usage Details allows you to see which applications are used in your organization, to what extent, during which times, and correlate these to the actual user sessions that consumed them.

Stay tuned, more to come!