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Transforming the Digital Employee Experience and Improving Quality of Care in the Age of COVID-19: A ControlUp + IGEL Success Story

It could be argued that there is no industry for which the COVID-19 pandemic has not been both devastating and transformative. None, however, has been affected more than healthcare. As the pandemic took hold and the shift to work-from-anywhere became not just a temporary fix, but a quantum shift in the way the world works, a large health system in the U.S. Midwest found multiple use cases for ControlUp and IGEL to help them deliver a better digital employee experience and, along with it, improved patient outcomes.

In March 2020, this health system, which spans 200+ care locations, including 18 full service hospitals, faced the challenge of providing thousands of clinical and non-clinical staff with flexible, secure access to mission-critical data and applications, both remotely and within clinical settings.

Making the Work From Anywhere World Work with ControlUp + IGEL

This healthcare organization—made up of numerous hospitals, hundreds of clinics, 35,000+ employees, and tens of thousands of named users— needed to get a handle on this new way of working and had to do it quickly, as people’s lives, in no uncertain terms, depended on it.

They had long used ControlUp to keep their more than 18,000 virtual desktops and 27,000 IGEL devices running smoothly. They were using IGEL to deliver VMware Horizon virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), and discovered that, with these solutions combined, they could keep their teams productive, no matter where they were working

With ControlUp Real-Time DX, they were able to spot and troubleshoot issues in their majority-VDI environment and remedy them quickly. The customer noted that during an upgrade of their VMware Horizon environment, they updated another solution concurrently. After about a week, they noticed, despite not receiving any negative feedback from end-users, their compute clusters were “screaming.” They used ControlUp to quickly find the source of their excessive CPU consumption and, using IGEL Cloud Gateway, roll out a fix in a matter of hours instead of days or weeks.

ControlUp Insights gave them the historical data insights, key performance metrics, and trending information they needed to spot issues on physical endpoints. Add in the flexibility of IGEL OS and they could quickly and easily reconfigure thousands of remote endpoints. As a result, end users across all job functions were able to securely access their desktops and applications from anywhere.

By using ControlUp’s monitoring solutions to observe, analyze, and optimize the digital employee experience across their VMware Horizon desktops and peripherals, this hospital system reported that there was no notable difference in the end-user experience as clinicians and non-clinicians alike transitioned to remote work and accessed their desktops from home, using their IGEL-powered thin clients.

Further, with ControlUp and IGEL, the healthcare provider’s IT organization was able to maintain the same amount of visibility and control over their infrastructure, regardless of whether their desktops were being accessed on-premises or remotely.

Rapid Delivery of IGEL Endpoints Optimizes the Efficiency of Vaccine Clinics

As the pandemic wore on and vaccines became widely available in late 2020, the healthcare provider began setting up pop-up clinics to vaccinate staff and the broader community, as eligibility for vaccinations expanded. To support these clinics and drive more efficient scheduling and check-in for vaccination appointments, the healthcare organization leveraged IGEL in setting up computerized kiosks and vaccine sites.

With IGEL OS, it was simple for the healthcare provider’s IT staff to reconfigure endpoints to function as Firefox kiosks where clinical staff could securely access vaccine appointment and registration data through the Firefox browser. This enabled the clinics to optimize the efficiency of the clinics and vaccinate more people in shorter time frames, especially during periods of high demand for vaccines, with 665,000 vaccines administered during the first half of 2021 alone.

ControlUp + IGEL: Making the Work From Anywhere World Work for Healthcare IT

Together, ControlUp, IGEL, and the healthcare provider’s IT staff were able to maximize the digital employee experience and improve the quality of patient care by shortening logon times and creating a centralized dashboard that was visible from any IGEL-powered endpoint. Clinicians reported that lives were saved as these solutions made it possible to more quickly triage and attend to patients in a more timely manner.

ControlUp is a member of the IGEL Ready program, which opens up IGEL’s core enterprise software for technology companies to integrate and validate their products, drive business growth, and provide flexible access to enterprise applications for mutual customers.

Learn more about ControlUp’s IGEL Ready solutions through its IGEL Ready Showcase. To explore the IGEL Ready ecosystem of solutions, visit

ControlUp for Healthcare

When it comes to healthcare, time can literally be the difference between life and death. Wasting time on slow logons or problems accessing EHR records is simply not an option. ControlUp is purposebuilt to help IT find the root causes of issues fast, so clinicians and staff can stay productive and keep their focus where it belongs: on the patients they’re caring for. No matter where your teams are working, ControlUp provides solutions to support all of them and provide an ideal digital employee experience while simplifying the work lives of IT admins.

IGEL for Healthcare

In healthcare, better user productivity translates to better patient care. That’s why IGEL has spent decades perfecting its next-gen edge OS and why it is continually integrating the technologies that are critical to healthcare professionals. From fully integrated support for single sign-on to secure roaming and data protection, we believe in giving healthcare users a familiar, secure and trouble-free environment.

IGEL Ready

Established in July 2020, IGEL Ready is a growing ecosystem of more than 100 technology partners providing hardware, software, and peripheral solutions that have been verified for use with IGEL OS to deliver a powerful, productive, and secure user experience for digital workspaces within modern workplace environments. In an era where customers and their employees require reliable, frictionless access to tools, applications, and services, IGEL Ready helps ensure product compatibility and productivity to support business continuity and growth. The IGEL Ready program ensures that partner applications are validated and shared, and that their customers have access to updated and secure software. This vibrant ecosystem enables customers to consider compatible devices and partner applications across eight categories in the IGEL Ready Showcase.

The customer:

A large, nonprofit healthcare system in the U.S. Midwest

Location: 200+ care locations, including 18 full-service hospitals
Employees: 35,000

The COVID-19 pandemic presented this healthcare organization with several challenges:

  • The rapid shift to remote scenarios that drove the need for secure anytime, anywhere, access to more than 18,000 virtual desktops and endpoint devices.
  • The need to quickly configure and deploy secure electronic kiosks to support its pop-up vaccine clinics, after the COVID-19 vaccines became eligible for distribution.
  • Surges in demand for healthcare services during spikes in COVID-19 cases were overwhelming staff, driving the need for centralized monitoring of patient vital signs.

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