Optimized User Experience for Trinks Employees
Continuous monitoring with ControlUp

Trinks GmbH

With around 1,700 employees, 16 branch offices, and net sales of about 1.6 billion euros, Trinks is one of Germany’s leading beverage logistics companies. To maintain its competitive position and ensure that it is well-equipped for the future, the company is continuously investing in the digitalization of its infrastructure: With its state-of-the-art fleet, storage, and sorting technology, Trinks GmbH sets the stage for optimized services. High-quality information systems secure business processes, make them both more efficient and more effective, and serve as the basis for confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the data processed.

The Challenge

To enable employees to work from home across the board during the pandemic, Trinks pushed the introduction of a new end-user computing environment that meets the high-quality standards of its employees for their digital workplace and the requirements of IT in terms of optimizing human resources. From that point on, Trinks set out to find a tool that would integrate seamlessly with the new infrastructure and help to continuously improve the end user experience. All factors influencing the user experience should be presented in a consolidated manner. Likewise, IT staff wanted the ability to respond flexibly and proactively to problems through alerts and automated troubleshooting.

The Solution

From the beverage logistics company’s point of view, the ControlUp DEX management platform was the ideal solution for implementing the desired requirements. The holistic approach of monitoring the entire EUC environment and the endpoints using the monitoring system was truly convincing. ControlUp can aggregate metrics from the hypervisor, EUC infrastructure, and all Windows systems involved. Stress indicators immediately reveal problems narrowing down the root cause quickly.

Trinks initially started with the on-premises version of ControlUp Suite in 2020, using Real-Time DX for real-time analysis of the Citrix environment. Through real-time monitoring, factors influencing the end-user experience are quickly identified and immediately considered when setting up the new EUC environment. With ControlUp Automation, they optimized CPU and memory usage of the user sessions while realizing the best possible logon times. In addition, automatisms permanently ensure that any changes in logon times are detected and countermeasures are taken accordingly.

The long-term data in ControlUp Insights also enables Trinks GmbH to review and, if necessary, adjust the sizing of its environment based on long-term metrics. The company benefits from a detailed view of user logon times as well as measured performance metrics, which helps to keep track of login times as well as the performance of the environment over a long period and to identify indicators of imminent bottlenecks in sizing at an early stage. In 2022, Trinks decided to migrate to ControlUp Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure, which enabled the company to monitor endpoints using Edge DX.

Furthermore, thanks to the Scoutbees tool, the internal and external infrastructure components such as the storefront and gateway, as well as the HTTP and HTTPS services are now regularly tested and notifications are triggered if problems are detected. To this end, Scoutbees sets up a user session to check login performance and functionality.

By using the ControlUp monitoring platform, Trinks GmbH was able to significantly reduce the time and effort required for IT support. According to estimates by the IT staff, the time saved on administration, and the helpdesk adds up to 20 percent. There are multiple reasons for this: On the one hand, integrating the end devices enabled holistic monitoring of the end-user experience; on the other hand, ControlUp helps to track down the causes of user problems more quickly and initiate prompt troubleshooting. As a result, the IT department at Trinks can support its end users more efficiently and in a more targeted manner, freeing up more resources for IT landscape administration and optimization.

Headquarters: Hennef, Germany
Managing Directors: Roberto Fabiano, Thomas Majocco, & Tino Saalbach
Founded: 1949
Employees: 1700
Industry: Beverage Logistics
  • Monitor enduser experience and automate troubleshooting
  • Real-time EUC monitoring, long-term data (Insights)
  • Real-time Modern Web UI (Solve)
  • Automation
  • Client Device Metrics (RemoteDX)
  • Synthetic Proactive Testing (Scoutbees)
  • Physical Endpoint & Apps Monitoring (EdgeDX)
  • Optimization of enduser experience in EUC environments
  • Fast and targeted analysis of problems
  • Proactive error detection and elimination
  • Optimization of IT resources

SVA System Vertrieb Alexander GmbH, one of the leading German system integrators and a ControlUp partner since 2016, was able to support Trinks in finding and implementing their optimal solution. The company – based in Wiesbaden/Germany – focusses on the combination of high quality IT products with the project know-how and flexibility of SVA. SVA core subjects include Data Center Infrastructure, Business Continuity, Digital Process Management, SAP, End User Computing, IT Security, Big Data Analytics and Agile IT & Software Development.

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