The Upload with ControlUp

DEX Assessment Report

March 1, 2022

What is DEX? DEX stands for Digital Employee Experience, and it’s, essentially, everything that remote workers deal with throughout the course of their work day—applications and desktops, the status of their home or work network, how strong their internet connection is, and everything else you can think of. It’s everything that makes or breaks the work from anywhere experience, and it’s something you hear ControlUp talk about a lot. The ControlUp Digital Experience management platform brings together a suite of solutions that make it possible for IT to spot problems in remote workers’ environments, no matter where they’re working, so employees stay productive and have a frustration-free experience.

What is a DEX report: The DEX report is data about a customer’s after a POC. It compares their environment to two million VDI computers in the ControlUp global community.

Why would someone want a DEX report: The digital employee experience (DEX) is a key performance indicator in understanding the impact of technology on employee experience. Many customers rely on subjective feedback to determine an employee’s DEX. ControlUp offers objective feedback that compares the customer’s environment to over two million virtual machines.

Hosted by:

Jeff Johnson
Eugenia Schipelliti