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Why Edge DX Now?

February 1, 2022

Remote work is now a business imperative
Millions of us are living the work-from-anywhere life now, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. Remote work is here to stay; IDC projects that the U.S. remote work population will be nearly 60% of the total workforce by 2024.

Security and compliance are meaningless when it comes to the digital employee experience
Device management tools lack visibility into a user’s experience. Deloitte states that a compelling workforce experience creates 22% higher engagement, 12% greater job satisfaction, with people 4x more likely to stay in jobs longer than other organizations.

ControlUp Edge DX improves the work-from-anywhere experience.
Edge DX understands employee experiences on physical endpoints no matter where in the world people are working.

Experiential data can help IT detect any issues impacting an employee’s experience, so they can improve or fix problems quickly and get employees back to what they want to do: a good job. Edge DX can even automate recurring problems before help desk tickets are created.

Hosted by:

Jeff Johnson
Eugenia Schipelliti