The Upload with ControlUp

Episode 2 – The ControlUp Journey & Tales from the Citrix Jedi

July 1, 2021
  1. Introduction: ControlUp is introducing a new podcast. This podcast will feature ControlUp updates, industry topics, blogs, and more. This episode highlights the official GA of ControlUp 8.5 and talks about some new ebooks.
  2. Interview with Yoni Avital: Yoni talks about why and how ControlUp was founded, digital employee experience (DEX), the ControlUp journey, and a peek into what may be coming in 2021 with ControlUp.
  3. Interview with Chris Rogers, the Citrix Jedi: Chris takes us through his EUC journey, why he joined ControlUp, EUC changes, and his favorite ControlUp features.
  4. Five minutes or less: We talk about a new eBook launching focused on analyzing logon duration and answer a customer question around the community.

Hosted by:

Eugenia Schipelliti
Jeff Johnson
Pete Downing