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What’s Coming in ControlUp v8.6?

February 15, 2022

Starting in v8.6, ControlUp will integrate with Microsoft Azure, to allow real-time monitoring and management of Azure and AVD resources. You’ll be able to see the relevant metrics displayed in the Real-Time Console and Solve. This long-awaited new integration automatically discovers and collects comprehensive information such as Cost, Health, Configuration and other metadata on each of the following new objects

  • Subscriptions
  • Resources Groups
  • Virtual Machines
  • Virtual Disks

In addition to offering a wide range of new metrics, predefined actions, and drill-down relationships for easier troubleshooting and navigation, our Azure integration supports seamless association between Azure VMs and entities from different ControlUp extensions, virtual machine management, and more!

Support for AVD in ControlUp Remote DX!
“Previously available only for Citrix and VMware Horizon environments, this release will add support for Microsoft RDS and Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) environments running on Windows.”

Scheduled Triggers
ControlUp v8.5 included the basic functionality for this feature, but with v8.6 there will be even more scheduling options, including:

  • Monthly
  • Weekly
  • Daily
  • Per minute
  • One-time

Additional Features/Enhancements
An email can now be sent when an Automated Action fails to run.

  • When ControlUp agents are deployed from the ControlUp Real-Time Console, the agent is signed by default.
  • In the Real-Time Console Controllers pane, you can now select Automatic Delay as an option for when selecting to Start a Service.

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