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ControlUp solutions for VDI & DaaS

End User Computing (EUC) or virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) give users as good an experience as they would have running local applications on a physical desktop, but with the added benefits of more efficient application roll outs, better end user support and more robust security.

Despite the growing complexity of these environments, ControlUp helps IT teams around the world deliver consistent and frictionless digital experiences for millions of users, daily.

Common VDI & DaaS challenges

Finding and fixing issues

The complexity of EUC environments combined with the use of remote display protocols means that even seemingly minor issues with the shared infrastructure can immediately impact a user’s digital experience.

Uncovering the source of the issue often requires lots of effort and lots of time.

Customers reported a 72% increase in complexity in IT environments since 2019 [1]

ControlUp benefits for VDI & DaaS

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Real-time session experience insights

ControlUp delivers thousands of real-time performance and usage metrics presented in intuitive dashboards, so IT teams gain full end-to-end views of the health of their EUC environment from the server down to the process level.

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Quick troubleshooting and remediation

ControlUp’s unique Virtual Expert™ technology combined with an extensive script library allows IT teams to quickly troubleshoot, find root-causes and remediate issues, either manually or proactively through automation.

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Remote network performance monitoring

ControlUp gives IT a view into Wi-Fi and ISP performance metrics from client devices, without the need for line-of-sight to the EUC environment in your datacenter or the cloud, so remote employees can enjoy a consistent and dependable digital experience.

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Proactive availability monitoring

ControlUp allows IT teams to enjoy full visibility into the health and availability of EUC environments through continuous synthetic testing, while getting real-time alerts when the availability of virtual desktops and desktops is impacted.

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EUC environment trending and analysis

With up to 1 year of historical data, ControlUp’s powerful analytics gives IT teams the information they need to plan effectively, to optimize resources, and monitor the health of your systems, right out of the box.

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