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Maintain a stable, healthy, and fine-tuned Citrix environment at all times, improving both user experience and IT efficiency. Monitor your Citrix virtual apps & desktops (xenapp and xendesktop) infrastructure using native OData API or add your Citrix ADC (NetScaler) appliances to get a full view of your infrastructure. Leverage dozens of Citrix-related scripts to troubleshoot and remediate from a single console.


Manage, monitor and proactively troubleshoot your VMware Horizon environments from a single management console. Visualizing all the essential metrics and allowing you to act on issues quickly and easily, ControlUp is an indispensable layer of your desktop delivery solution. ControlUp and Horizon are a winning team, so say our customers.


Identify and quickly troubleshoot Microsoft RDS issues with real-time data from a single, well-organized console. ControlUp upgrades the power of built-in management tools (mmc, PowerShell, Task Manager, etc.) by enabling the administrator to aggregate information from multiple sources and to launch multi-target remediation actions with an unprecedented speed and ease.

Imagine a Task Manager looking at thousands of computers simultaneously!

Infrastructure Servers, Physical PCs, and More

A modern IT organization often has it all – virtual desktops as well as physical ones, cloud instances and hyper-converged technologies as well as 10-year old server racks, newest cutting-edge software in evaluation alongside legacy products. Web servers, application servers, DNS, domain controllers, physical machines, NetScalers, cloud workloads and more – ControlUp offers fine-grained visibility and powerful control over all these in one console.


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