Real-Time Console

The Real-Time Console tunes and optimizes thresholds and triggers to suit your specific environment, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

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The Real-Time Console is the management interface to operate, configure, and monitor the status of your corporate and extended environment. From this single interface, IT can quickly determine the status of a single computer or resource to the entire infrastructure available company-wide.

For larger organizations, the Real-Time Console can operate in Enterprise Mode or Standard Mode allowing IT teams to monitor specific resources by type, location, or any other necessary grouping.

ControlUp Real-Time Console leverages the association and correlation logic of the real-time engine to generate aggregated views of multiple data sources. These powerful grids can be sorted by, grouped by, filtered by, or searched by any of the dozens of real-time metrics which are continuously updated.

Alert floods and alert fatigue are significant concerns when dealing with a monitoring system. Setting the proper thresholds and triggers is critical to ensure users pay attention to those resources and metrics that require their attention but do not get flooded with too much information.

ControlUp analyzes anonymized metadata from thousands of customers and data centers. It then leverages Machine Learning technologies to tune and optimize your thresholds and triggers.

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