ControlUp Real-Time Engine

Associate and correlate multiple data types from multiple data sources to optimize IT infrastructures.

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ControlUp real time engine is the heart and brain of the ControlUp technology stack. The real time engine connects to a multitude of data sources using flexible and expandable data collectors which cover a wide array of architectures and technologies. It utilizes a high performance in-memory database in order to digest, associate and correlate hundreds of thousands of records in a single node.

Digest, Associate and Correlate Data from multiple sources in near real time

Data Collectors utilize remote APIs to pull real time data from the resources they are connected to. In addition a lightweight agent running inside the guest OS on these remote systems pushes data in realtime to the engine.

One of the primary tasks of the real-time engine is to correlate and associate multiple data types (metrics, configuration, logs, metadata and more) from multiple data sources and to organize them in high performance data sets that can then be consumed by the relevant presentation layer or by an external system leveraging APIs exposed by the realtime engine for that purpose.

An advanced rule evaluator which is able to instantly check and evaluate thousands of state changes in each of the many logical objects the real-time engine manages is the basis for a granular and powerful incident trigger mechanism. New triggers can be set both manually and automatically.

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