Script Actions

Perform powerful troubleshooting and management actions directly from the ControlUp Real-Time Console.

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ControlUp lets you perform powerful troubleshooting and management actions directly from the console. You can “right click” to contextually invoke built-in native actions, your own scripts, or any of hundreds of scripts written by your peers in our global IT community. ControlUp’s script module offers:


Script Actions allow you to extend ControlUp’s toolbox of management actions. You can use PowerShell, VBScript or CMD to create your own Script Actions and share them not only with the rest of your organization, but also with the community at large. Alternatively, you can piggyback on a growing community scripts library and download any of the several hundred scripts contributed by other members of the ControlUp community and IT experts to keep expanding your console’s troubleshooting and management capabilities.

Granular Security

Two layers of security allow for fine grained control of script execution. For each script you can select one of the few available execution contexts and dictate whether the script will need shared credentials, local system credentials or prompt for credentials upon execution. Leveraging the extensive Security policy module you control which users would have permission to add / modify or run any script. Finally each script execution is audited and saved to the event log.


Many times having a script for the task “there is a script for that..” is just part of the challenge; Discovering that a relevant script exists and validating that this is the right script for that task is not trivial (especially if you did not develop that script yourself). ControUp’s Virtual Expert contextualized hundreds of scripts, matched them to specific tasks, measured their effectiveness and ranked them for you.

Multi Target Execution/Invocation

Any Script Action can be invoked on multiple targets simultaneously, script output results are grouped for easy comparison. This is useful when performing operational tasks such as logging off 40 disconnected users’ sessions, or when a quick comparison between normal and troubled objects is needed for troubleshooting purposes.

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