Bad User Experience Smackdown: Easy Horizon Troubleshooting With ControlUp

On-Demand Webinar

Do any of these sound like problems worthy of a smackdown?

  • Remote work and network latency issues
  • Availability of SaaS apps and virtual desktops
  • Slow logons

Do you love a good smackdown with a live, hardcore product demo?

Then this might be the perfect VMware Horizon session for you. We will give you an in-depth look at how ControlUp can help identify—and, in many cases, automatically—solve common issues, no matter where your end users are working.

Oh, and that smackdown? You might just get the opportunity with the ControlUp hammer.

Yoni Avital
COO & Co-Founder, ControlUp
Trentent Tye
Technical Specialist, ControlUp
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