[Live webinar] Enhancing Digital Employee Experience with ControlUp Secure DX

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Security is paramount in today’s complex cyber landscape. Cybersecurity teams grapple with many challenges, from network vulnerabilities to authentication breaches and outdated patches. As these issues escalate, the burden often falls on desktop administrators to find solutions.

Desktop administrators ensure a seamless digital employee experience (DEX). Their responsibilities span user support, software installations, hardware management, system optimization, and inventory tracking. Yet, despite enforcing security policies, they need more tools to gauge compliance with cybersecurity requirements.

ControlUp Secure DX bridges this gap by offering a holistic approach combining experience and device security. Here’s how:

Real-Time Detection: Our platform collects real-time data on OS, applications, and device configurations. It identifies vulnerabilities, outdated patches, and weak security settings. Stay ahead of cyber threats with continuous monitoring.

Smart Prioritization: Intuitive scoring ensures that IT teams focus on critical security risks. They understand the context and effectively prioritize remediation efforts.

Continuous Remediation: As new devices are enrolled or vulnerabilities surface, ControlUp Secure DX automatically addresses desktop security issues. You don’t need to do any manual intervention.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your digital employee experience while fortifying security. See you at the webinar!

Joel Stocker
Director of Product Marketing, ControlUp
Jeff Johnson
Product Marketing Manager, ControlUp
Tom Fenton
Technical Marketing Manager, ControlUp
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