[Webinar] Optimize your digital workplace with ControlUp’s experience scoring & sentiment, AI-powered chatbot and cost insights

On-Demand Webinar

IT teams spend significant time and resources managing technology, resolving tickets, and juggling various tools. They end up behind the curve, resulting in investing in more labor to address the volume of tickets. ControlUp empowers IT admins and leaders to focus on strategic initiatives rather than break-fix allowing them to dedicate more time and resources to mission-critical, business-value work.

Join us for an insightful webinar where we dive into the future of the digital workplace. In this session, we will explore how ControlUp’s innovative solutions can transform your IT operations.

Employee Experience Scoring & Insights: Learn how ControlUp’s unique experience scoring can provide a comprehensive understanding of your employees’ digital experiences and improve root-cause analysis and remediation times.

Enhanced Employee Sentiment Surveys: Device metrics only tell half the story of an employee’s digital experience. ControlUp helps IT understand the employee’s perspective of IT and the technologies they deliver through qualitative sentiment surveys.

GenAI Chatbot: Discover how our AI-powered chatbot can streamline your IT support. With its ability to understand natural language, and respond to a wide range of queries, our chatbot can significantly reduce response times and improve service quality.

Cost Savings Dashboard: Justify your investment and understand how ControlUp is lowering your IT spending by providing insights into the value of key features such as our remediation and troubleshooting actions, our automation capabilities and built-in remote assistance tools.

This webinar is ideal for IT admins and decision-makers looking to optimize their digital workplace. Register today and don’t miss this opportunity to learn how ControlUp’s tools can enhance your IT operations so you can focus on more projects that matter.

Joel Stocker
Director of Product Marketing at ControlUp
Trentent Tye
Technical Marketing Manager at ControlUp
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