[Webinar] Learn All About ControlUp's Latest Real-Time DX v8.8 Release

On-Demand Webinar

ControlUp is proud to announce the release of Real-Time DX version 8.8, along with new features in Remote DX. Customers have been requesting additional support for Azure Virtual Desktop, Azure cost reporting and optimizations, Windows service monitoring, and much more now available in this release. Some topics in this webinar include:

  • Brand new Azure Virtual Desktop configuration, performance monitoring, and cost metrics
  • Our new FSLogix integration provides real-time visibility into the performance of Microsoft Office 365 and profile containers, FSLogix configuration and AppMasking metrics
  • Additional Remote DX metrics providing greater granularity into client and ISP performance
  • How ControlUp can now monitor any service with Windows service monitoring

Please register today to watch, learn, and ask questions as our product expert walks through technical demos about the release!

Joel Stocker
Director of Product Marketing at ControlUp
Trentent Tye
Performance Monitoring Enthusiast at ControlUp
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