Deliver and Manage a Secure, Frustration-Free Digital Employee Experience

Learn how Citrix and ControlUp solutions help keep today's remote and hybrid workforce secure, productive, and happy

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For IT infrastructure, organizations expect reliable, easy to manage solutions that support distributed work, protect against uncertainty, and keep expanded attack surfaces safe. Additionally, they need tools that make it possible for employees to work where they want, how they want, and still be productive, while getting the same (or better) frustration-free digital employee experience they got at the office.

Watch the webinar and learn how:

  • Citrix cloud services provide a unified stack of products that allow IT to provide a productive, modern work environment that is easily scalable, with hybrid-cloud deployments spanning on-prem datacenters and public cloud capacity
  • ControlUp enables IT to observe, analyze & optimize the digital employee experience—end to end—from VDI and applications to physical endpoints, so remote teams can work from anywhere and still be productive.
Adam Lotz
Sr. Manager, Product Marketing
Joel Stocker
Head of Product Marketing
Trentent Tye
Senior Technical Expert
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