[Webinar] How to Make Unified Communications as Reliable as a Land Line

On-Demand Webinar

Unified Communications (UC) solutions are now among the most important line of business applications that IT teams support. Unfortunately, troubleshooting and remediating problems with these tools can take hours to resolve due to complexities such as network, device, peripherals, application, and SaaS services. Fortunately, ControlUp monitors all unified communications dependencies so you know why calls and meetings failed so you can find and fix the issues fast.

In this webinar, we’ll show you how ControlUp can make your UC deployment as reliable as a land line. With ControlUp, IT can:

  • Detect failed calls and meetings
  • View crucial call and meeting metrics
  • Drill down on device and network metrics during a meeting
  • Deploy manual and automated remediation of UC issues
  • Perform synthetic testing of UC applications
  • Automatically create support tickets
  • Automated notification of poor UC performance
Jeff Johnson
Product Marketing Manager, ControlUp
Tom Fenton
Technical Marketing Manager, ControlUp
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