How to optimize digital experience for Unified Communications & SaaS apps

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Supporting work-from-anywhere workers is hard. The global workforce now logs in to work from their living rooms or kitchens, their favorite coffee shop, or whatever hotel they’re in. IT is now tasked with not just making it possible for remote teams to get their jobs done, but they need to make it… a pleasure.

How are they supposed to do THAT?

To meet this challenge, ControlUp has worked to create THIS: a comprehensive DEX Management Platform that provides a holistic approach to user sentiment analysis, unified communications insights, and advanced SaaS monitoring to help IT teams make smarter decisions when supporting work-from-anywhere (WFA) employees.

  • Unified Communications: Provides usage insights and the ability to pinpoint the root cause of problems employees experience when they use tools like Microsoft Teams.
  • SaaS and Web Applications: Gives full visibility into the performance and availability of SaaS applications with proactive alerting so IT teams can get in front of issues before the service desk phone starts ringing.
  • User Sentiment: Collects data about employee experiences to help IT teams maximize productivity and satisfaction while removing the need for additional survey tools.
  • Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD): Delivers real-time visibility into key metrics for one of the fastest growing Desktop as a Service (DaaS) platforms.

These are the tools the WFA world calls for. These are tools that IT needs. ControlUp has them.

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Yoni Avital
COO & Co-Founder, ControlUp
Joel Stocker
Director of Product Marketing, ControlUp
Andy Poulter
Product Owner, ControlUp
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