[Webinar] Improve Remote Work Experience & Stay Secure with Last-Mile Monitoring from ControlUp

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Connecting people to their applications and desktops securely and efficiently is a monumental task, and, for close to three decades, Citrix—now a part of Cloud Software Group—has been the industry leader in doing exactly that.

But lots has changed in the past few years. The advent of the world of remote work, that’s easier said than done. There are lots of external factors that can affect a Citrix connection, and create a lackluster experience for remote workers (bad user experience = poor DEX score).

As a Citrix administrator and champion, you need the visibility ControlUp provides you to elevate your DEX score by analyzing what is happening in the nuts and bolts under the Citrix session (e.g., hypervisor, cloud hosting, VMs, attached storage, processes) to what is happening in the user’s client network segment.

Join us for a live demo of ControlUp and follow-up Q&A. We would love to show you first hand how we solve common VDI and DaaS problems. Time permitting, we will even try to live demo the ways we can address YOUR specific issues!

Marcel Calef
SE Manager, ControlUp
Douglas Brown
VP of Community, ControlUp
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