Improve Troubleshooting and Reduce Infrastructure Costs with ControlUp Historical Data and Analytical Reports

~September 2023

You can now view historical reports and new real-time data reports in ControlUp’s user-interface, Solve! This makes aggregated data analysis for troubleshooting and remediation faster and easier than ever before! Our streamlined data integration supports a higher data resolution, perfect for larger-scale organization. Come watch how ControlUp’s new reporting capabilities help empower customers to ensure they manage fewer help desk tickets, and solve issues to respond to the needs of your business faster for a better virtual desktop experience.

Some reports our technical expert will work through:

  • User Activity Reports like Session Activity and Logon Duration
  • System Health Reports like Machine and Host Statistics
  • Application Reports like App Usage Details and Statistics
  • Much more!

Tired of waiting for data? Register today to watch and learn as our product expert walks through technical demos on how you can speed up resolution time with ControlUp Reports!

Trentent Tye
VDI & DaaS Performance Monitoring Enthusiast at ControlUp
Dianna Marks
VDI & DaaS Product Marketing Manager at ControlUp
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