Monitoring Azure Virtual Desktop in the Cloud and On-Premises? Discover How with ControlUp!

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Since Microsoft announced that Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) can now be run on Azure Stack HCI, we at ControlUp jumped on the opportunity to support this new offering and provide the tools and know-how to ensure a seamless on-premises AVD experience. Find out more about how ControlUp stays on top of empowering customers to ensure they manage fewer help desk tickets and solve issues to respond to the needs of your business faster!
Some questions you might be asking yourself are:

  • What is Azure Stack HCI and how can you benefit from running AVD on it?
  • How do you monitor AVD on Azure Stack HCI?
  • How do you troubleshoot and remediate common AVD issues on Azure Stack HCI?
  • How can I improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness of AVD on Azure Stack HCI?

Curious to know the answers? Register today to watch and learn as our product expert walks through technical demos about this newly supported environment!

Trentent Tye
AVD Performance Monitoring Enthusiast at ControlUp
Dianna Marks
AVD Product Marketing Manager at ControlUp
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