[Webinar] Shed Light into the Black Box of FSLogix with ControlUp VDI and DaaS Monitoring

On-Demand Webinar

To most, FSLogix is a black box and ControlUp not only brings visibility into profile containers but provides the tools to identify contributors of poor performance and troubleshoot issues. ControlUp’s FSLogix monitoring brings real-time performance metrics and configuration metadata to the forefront, showing data for profile containers, office containers, and App Masking configurations. Since FSLogix tools are agnostic across all EUC technology, the ControlUp FSLogix integration works and provides metrics for Citrix, VMware Horizon, Remote Desktop Services (RDS), and Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD).

This webinar will be led by the teacher of an FSLogix Masterclass, Benny Tritsch, who will go over the technical details of how FSLogix works. ControlUp technical expert Trentent Tye will then show how to bring visibility to the various aspects of FSLogix using ControlUp!

The webinar will talk about the following aspects of FSLogix, how they work and how you can troubleshoot them.

  • FSLogix uses a filter driver. What does that mean and how does it work?
  • Profile containers are more than just VHDX files! How do they operate and how can you troubleshoot issues with them?
  • Cloud Cache can improve FSLogix container performance, but how? Can we measure their effectiveness?
  • Disk compaction for FSLogix profiles was introduced with the newest versions of FSLogix. How does it work and what’s the impact of it?
  • Application masking is an excellent tool for ensuring applications are only available for the users who need them. How can you configure it? How can you validate that it’s operational?

Register today to watch and learn as our product expert walks through technical demos on how to shed light into the black box of FSLogix profile containers with ControlUp!

Trentent Tye
FSLogix Student
Benny Tritsch
FSLogix Master Class Teacher, ControlUp
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