[Webinar] Supercharge Your AVD DaaS Deployment with Nerdio and ControlUp

On-Demand Webinar

Most institutions today run at least a part of their businesses in a remote environment. Products offered by both Nerdio and ControlUp can ensure companies maximize the utility that they seek. Nerdio and ControlUp can help by:

  • Ensuring a successful deployment and management of DaaS applications
  • Reducing the cost and complexity of Azure Virtual Desktop
  • Providing a positive digital employee experience through fast troubleshooting and remediation

Attend this demo rich webinar to understand the integration of ControlUp into Nerdio Manager for Enterprise, as well as how each product best serves the needs of DaaS environments!

Toby Skerritt
Product Manager for Nerdio Manager for Enterprise
Trentent Tye
Technical Product Marketing Manager for ControlUp VDI & DaaS
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