The Great ControlUp Troubleshooting Showdown: Part Deux

IT’s favorite game show is BACK and this time? We’re taking the fun to ELEVEN.

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Four experts. Five challenges. One winner.

Based on feedback from our customers and experts in the community, we’ve taken five of the toughest troubleshooting scenarios seen in the IT world, and we’re pitting four experts against each other to solve them, each using a different weapon in their technology arsenal.

In this bracket-style showdown, it’ll be:

  • Trentent Tye: Various remote support tools
  • Guy Leech: PowerShell
  • Tom Fenton: AUDIENCE CHOICE!*
  • Eugenia Schipelliti: ControlUp

Who will survive and advance?
Whose IT skills will conquer all?
Who will reign supreme?

Smack talk and judging provided by Joel Stocker and Leeza Malachevsky

Trentent Tye
Guy Leech
Tom Fenton
Eugenia Schipelliti
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