All your data in the right context

  • Performance Visibility

    Bird’s-eye view of your data center (whether virtual, physical or both) from the hypervisor down to individual processes, let’s you monitor your farm all in one console. With powerful data exploration and visualization in an actionable dashboard, you can easily and proactively detect and troubleshoot issues in real-time and within context.
  • IT Insights

    Automated reports show you the health of your virtual and/or physical environment, with a comparison to other companies and recommendations on how to optimize. Proactively apply best practices and crowd wisdom to resolve issues and mitigate risk in line with industry standards.
  • End-user Experience

    The happiness level of your end-users directly correlates to the performance of your VDI environment. With the ability to measure logon and application load time you will get the metrics you need to analyze end-user experience and create reports to better understand user behavior.

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A few reasons you’ll love ControlUp

  • Bring Your Own Scripts

Expand management capabilities with your own scripts and easily make them available to anyone in your organization.

Knowledge Included

Best practices and action recommendations in accordance with industry standards, always at your fingertips.

  • Out of the Box

Learn how your virtual environment and users are doing by analyzing trends and understanding usage.

  • Up & Running in Five Minutes

No set-up needed! Just download and start exploring your virtual environment right away.

Be Proactive

Act before problems occur using one dashboard that drills down from the hypervisor to the processes.

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