ControlUp On-premises Release Notes

New Features and Capabilities

ControlUp Agents authentication methods enhancements 

ControlUp Agents communication channel security improvements 

  • Added the option to encrypt communication between the ControlUp Agents and ControlUp Consoles and Monitors.
  • Additional security enhancements.

High resolution support improvements for the Real-Time Console

Top ribbon fills the whole Console width on high resolution displays.

Citrix Cloud – cloud connector status improvement

  • Cloud Connector Status – When the status is “Connected”, the column bar’s visual indicator is now green.
  • Cloud Connector Version Status – When the status is “Updated”, the column bar’s visual indicator is now green.

Bug Fixes

  • 71050 – “Get back to Sign-in” link was removed from the email verification window.
  • 90355 – Fixed the synchronization issues between the Real-Time Console offline cache and the ControlUp Organization configuration.
  • 90283 – Fixed Citrix Sessions running on Windows 10 or Windows Server 2019 so the actual value for the Latency Last metric now displays properly (may have previously shown as NA).

Known issues

No new known issues for version 8.2.5. For a list of existing known issues, read version 8.2 known issues.

A full description of our new features and enhancements for this version is available here.

We have made some improvements in the installation of our On-premises version and Insights On-premises (IOP) and here are the details:

ControlUp On-premises


  • Now supports SQL Server 2019.
  • As part of the installation process, the installer now imports all available:
    • Scripts to use in Script-based Actions
    • Virtual Expert and Automated Action rules
  • Added default user group to “Authorized Group” screen.
  • Added UI option to select backup folder file path.
  • Created the application pool with the Load user profile option set to True.
  • The installation is not confined to a specific SQL collation when connecting to the database.
  • If upgrading from version and above, the installation is performed only from the installer.

Insights On-premises (IOP)

Note: To benefit from the improvements to Insights, the Insights On-premises Forwarder must also be upgraded to version 8.2.


  • Added server selector to the Citrix License Usage report.
  • Session Activity – Changed Last Seen timestamp value to “Still Active”.


  • Support a closed list of special characters to use in the OVA password.


  • Support Upgrade and Modify (from appwiz).
  • You can now safely restore small amounts of data – up to ~5 days (“sinkhole” folder).


  • You can now produce and export to PDF a license usage report with a table for data on “License Usage Last 7 Days”.
  • Disable support of old TLS versions (1.0 & 1.1).

NEW! OVA Upgrade tool to upgrade VMs for the IOP (not ready for Beta).

Known Issues and Limitations

  • During a monitor upload chain restart, a small data gap might be created for some reports. By default, the reset chain occurs every 24 hours from the time the monitor was installed.
    A new key was added to set the time of the first chain restart.
    • Path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Smart-X\ControlUp\Console\ActivityFile\
    • Value: InitialResetChainTime
  • Folders are only written to disk every chain start. If IOP started between the chain restarts, then it may be up to 24hrs before you see the folders. Using IOP without the folders being generated first, can cause unexpected behavior in the UI.
  • IOP Admin password can’t be changed from the UI, only from IOPCMD – #81122
  • If the customer’s network IP range is within address range, the IOP servers will not be accessible at all. This is since IOP uses that IP range by default for its containers.
    Workaround – Run these commands:
    1. Edit docker configuration file: vi /etc/docker/daemon.json
    2. Add the following text to the file:
    3. Save the file by hitting: Esc, then  x! then  Enter
    4. Restart docker: systemctl restart docker.service
    5. If your IOP is in cluster mode, repeat i-iv steps for all nodes.
    6. Test communication by browsing to the IOP page.
  • IOP installation on CentOS 8 may fail and require manual workaround
  • 78447 – SMTP settings cannot be removed by UI. 
    1. Workaround: Change through management UI
  • Automated reports may not work properly (Computer trends, Protocol trends, Logon duration)
  • 80293 – Top Insights might not be available in the first day after upgrading
  • 79845 – Top Insights might run on a different schedule than the setting (3-4 hours delay).
    1. Workaround: Set the schedule manually to an earlier time.
  • 80844 – IOP forwarder – when modifying “activity file path”, the field displays the path that was installed with and not the new one
  • 79931 – When upgrading from 8.1.x to 8.2.x the checkboxes under “Settings -> Configuration” will not be saved
  • 82254 – If working with win server 2019 there may be unexplained repeating errors in UM log
    1. Workaround: Install a Windows KB
      The specific update is KB4580422 – (November 10, 2020-KB4580422 Cumulative Update Preview for .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.7.2 for Windows 10 , version 1809 and Windows Server, version 2019)

Fixed issues

  • 91103 – IOP: unable to export to PDF files bigger than 1MB.