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Simple Microsoft RDS Management

Native Microsoft RDS management often lack much-needed visibility into fine-grained performance metrics, and provide a limited set of remediation actions. ControlUp lets Microsoft administrators get to the root of issues fast, providing a rich yet straightforward management experience for Microsoft RDS administrators. They benefit from a real-time view into performance metrics for servers, user sessions and processes, as well as a unified dashboard for Hyper-V and any other hypervisors in use.

Microsoft RDS Performance Optimization

In a typical Microsoft RDS deployment, it’s common for a single user session to negatively impact others on the same server. ControlUp lets Microsoft RDS administrators view the data they need to instantly pinpoint the root cause of performance issues across multiple compute layers, from the server level all the way to specific user sessions and processes. From there, they can take action to restore service without delay.

Application Troubleshooting

ControlUp presents IT teams with a logical view of the environment that significantly reduces complexity, coupled with a rich array of powerful troubleshooting tools. For example, administrators can compare the Windows configurations of a working and non-working RDS server to quickly isolate the element causing an application to fail. Microsoft administrators can also quickly analyze stress levels for any metric of any system being monitored. And once the root case of an issue is identified, your IT team can quickly take the appropriate steps to restore service.

End User Support in Microsoft RDS

ControlUp offers a rich array of contextual management actions that enable efficient application troubleshooting of user-related issues. For example, the ‘Kill Policy’ user action temporarily removes Group Policy restrictions that lockdown an end user’s remote desktop, providing a quick way to change settings and run commands inside a restricted user session.

End User Experience Monitoring in RDS

It’s crucial for IT teams to stay on top of critical issues that affect end user experience, such as poor application response times or slow logon duration, and solve them expediently.

Historical Reporting

Sometimes a little time travel is needed when you’re trying to get to the bottom of an issue reported last week or review historical trends to plan your future IT strategy.


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