A Look back at the Most Important Blogs in 2022

As we start 2023, let’s take a quick look at the most-read blog content in 2022. If you missed any of these posts, take a few minutes to review them, as our community found these blogs helpful.

Bold Product Advancements Deserve a Bold Brand
By Asaf Ganot

ControlUp’s approach to Digital Employee Experience brings IT teams and the people they support together. We wanted our brand to reflect this reality.

We set out to create a brand that reflects our innovative products in the digital employee experience (DEX) market. And like our products, we want our brand to be bold, human, and inspiring.

How to Use ControlUp to Solve the Top 10 Citrix Errors
By Rory Monaghan

Using anonymized data and conversations with our thousands of customers, we ranked the Top 10 Citrix errors they experience. We’ll highlight the errors themselves and potential causes, and also show you ways that ControlUp can deal with them.

4 Great Ways ControlUp for VDI & DaaS Makes Azure and AVD Even Better!
By Dianna Marks

ControlUp can help you maximize the total cost of ownership of Azure and Azure Virtual Desktop. “But how?” you might ask. Simple. ControlUp allows you to control your IT spend by doing things like giving IT teams real-time monitoring of state changes for faster automation execution. It can reduce session timers—after-hours—by logging-off an idle user after a specific period of inactivity. This is key when running workloads in Azure because you are billed by the second for usage. In addition to built-in automations to stop and deallocate machines to stop the meter, ControlUp can also optimize your deallocated Azure VMs to help save you money.

What is Digital Employee Experience Management (DEX)
By Joel Stocker

Digital Employee Experience (DEX) is the quality of users’ interactions with technology in their work environment.

The ControlUp Digital Employee Experience management platform gives IT departments the broadest view available into the performance of local networks and Wi-Fi, so they can deliver the best possible employee digital experience, even when people are working from home.

Unified Communications Monitoring: Widgets and Graphics and Reports, Oh, My!
By Tom Fenton

Today, Unified Communications tools—like Teams, Zoom, and others—are among remote workers’ most mission-critical applications. Monitoring and improving the user experience for these solutions is a top priority for IT teams, because when people have issues with these applications, productivity will be immediately impacted. But determining if problems are with the Unified Communications provider’s platform, the client application, the home network, or the endpoint device is often cumbersome.

Reduce Costs and Optimize Azure Virtual Desktop
By Trentent Tye

There is an adage in the smartphone market called “race to idle” where the processors in smartphones try to complete the work given to them as fast as possible, so they can stay in a deep idle state for longer periods of time. With the cloud, this adage can be tweaked to be “race to savings.”

With ControlUp and its ability to monitor down to the second, savings can be maximized, and resources optimized.

Say goodbye to IT Dark Zones with ControlUp DEX Management
By Yoni Avital

Unified Communications (UCaaS) and SaaS app monitoring strengthen ControlUp Digital Employee Experience (DEX) management.

We are excited to announce our comprehensive Digital Employee Experience (DEX) management platform that provides a comprehensive approach to user sentiment analysis, unified communications insights, and advanced SaaS monitoring to help IT teams make smarter decisions when supporting work-from-anywhere (WFA) employees.

5 Tips to Improve your Organization’s Digital Employee Experience
By Jeff Johnson

Digital employee experience (DEX) is the usability and perception of digital tools people use to perform their jobs. But, as we all know, working remotely doesn’t always work. Apps break, laptops freeze, video calls lag, Wi-Fi quits. Technology doesn’t always work the way we need it to, especially when you’re connecting remotely.

What you need to know about RDSH on VMware Horizon
By Tom Fenton

One of the coolest features in ControlUp v8.2 (our latest release!) is its ability to monitor and manage published applications. The reason I am so excited about this is that computing always has been—and always will be—about applications, not desktops; desktops are just vehicles for accessing applications.

Citrix ICA User Experience Input Delay vs RTT
By Trentent Tye

How do you measure user experience (UX)?

Citrix developed a metric called ICA Round Trip Time. Citrix intended this metric to solve this problem by providing a measurement of how long it took an application to respond to input. That is, when you click a button or type on the keyboard, the stop watch begins, and stops when the user interface provides the response, like displaying a menu or the characters you typed.

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