ControlUp Brings Peace to VDI Chaos in Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop Environments

Clear the Chaos of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops

Into the life of every Citrix admin creeps a little bit of VDI CHAOS! VDI Chaos can wreak havoc on your Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops environments, creating laggy logon times, affecting app performance and availability, and generally irritating your end users.

But with ControlUp—a Citrix Ready Global Strategic Partner—whatever trouble VDI Chaos tries to stir up can get handled in a snap. Processes gobbling up CPU? Memory hogs slowing things down? With ControlUp, it’s no problem.

From one simple, elegant console, IT administrators can keep VDI Chaos at bay, roll out updates, system-wide with just a couple of clicks, and increase infrastructure efficiency, all while keeping help desk calls down and your end-users productive.

By connecting ControlUp to your Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops via a simple API, you can see VDI Chaos coming from a mile away. Powerful script actions and automated triggers keep VDI Chaos at bay and your end users happy and productive.

As we all work from home (stay home, stay safe!), Team ControlUp decided to bring you a little VDI Chaos, virtually, of course. Stars Eugenia Schipelliti (our star and stellar Citrix admin) and Leeza Malachevsky (ControlUp Events Manager and VDI Chaos, herself) to show you how easy ControlUp makes it to keep your Citrix systems running optimally.

In our Citrix Ready Spotlight Video (we’re finalists in this year’s contest!), see how ControlUp squashes VDI Chaos like a bug, and then VOTE for ControlUp to win. Stop VDI Chaos in her tracks and keep your Citrix environments under control. ControlUp, that is! 

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Joel Stocker is a technologist's technologist. An industry veteran with over 20 years of experience in End-User Computing (EUC), he's held numerous technical field sales and product roles at Citrix. Never one to settle, Joel always seeks to unlock the super powers of ControlUp technology and expand its usefulness for our customers. All of this, paired with a genuine love of technology and the ways it can change business (not to mention incisive wit and witticism) helps him help our customers and partners improve their EUC infrastructure and deliver stellar end-user experiences.