Enterprise at Scale: Digital Experience Monitoring with ControlUp

For more than ten years, ControlUp has been the leader in digital experience monitoring and optimization, helping our customers optimize the user experience and enable them to quickly adapt to changes and cut costs. It’s what we’ve always done.

Our customers are under more pressure than ever. Their systems are increasingly complex, and they are catering to a more diverse audience than ever before. With the accelerated shift to working from home and an ever-increasing demand delivering an exemplary user experience, IT teams have to keep track of countless devices and workspaces in innumerable locations, and to do more with less. 

ControlUp is here to meet our Enterprise customers wherever they are on their digital journey, ready to deliver the tools they need to get the job done.

Meeting Our Customers Where They Are & Where They’re Going

Enterprise IT infrastructure is enormously complex, with teams having to monitor hundreds of thousands of machines, and millions of processes. They need a platform that will scale, making it possible to view, simply, all they need to keep their users productive.

ControlUp allows you to manage your entire infrastructure from any workspace and any location. We are here to meet our customers any at stage of their user’s digital journey, using any operation to optimize user experience.

No matter where you are in your digital journey, ControlUp is here to help.

“We’ll be rolling SOLVE out to our 300-person help desk team so they can have a more simplified way of accessing all that ControlUp provides. We have no doubt that the ability to quickly filter, sort, and search across the entire infrastructure will make a huge difference in the lives of our IT staff; we’re really excited about it.” IT professional at one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies

See Everything in One Spot

ControlUp’s brand-new SOLVE user interface allows you to see the overall health status of your entire EUC environment, end to end, in real time. But it also lets you easily drill down to see the health status metrics for a particular aspect of your infrastructure. SOLVE’s unique topology view displays the relationships between each of the components in your environment. ControlUp SOLVE doesn’t just make it possible to see the forest and the trees, but to see the leaves, too.

Ready at Any Stage of Your Digital Journey

Our customers need us to meet them at each stage of their digital journey. ControlUp’s proactive availability monitoring solution runs tests against our customers’ systems to ensure their applications are always up and running. Today’s users are accessing systems and outside the bounds of the traditional workday, from innumerable devices, and from countless different locations. They expect their applications to be available when and where they need them, no exceptions. ControlUp Scoutbees makes sure that when they are ready to work, their applications are ready, too.

Tackle Enterprise Complexity Head-On

As the global workforce logs in from home, Enterprise IT has to monitor systems that have become almost incomprehensibly complex. They need tools that will help them deliver a great user experience, not just for their end users, but for their help desk teams (and themselves, for that matter). 

Now with Centralized Auditing, full integration with Citrix Cloud, VMware Horizon RDSH support, improved support for IGEL OS, and more, ControlUp meets the complex needs Enterprise IT head-on. Our best-in-class real-time data collection system allows IT administrators to immediately pinpoint, respond to, and remediate any issue that is affecting user experience, keeping employees happy and productive.

Keep Things Simple

To make it easier for our customers to start monitoring any stage of the user’s digital journey, we are excited to announce that you can now get the full suite of ControlUp solutions—the ControlUp Console and Insights, ControlUp SOLVE, and ControlUp Scoutbees—through our ControlUp Ultimate offering. It’s the simplest, most cost-effective way to get the full power of the ControlUp platform.

“Not only does ControlUp provide real-time monitoring, it has a plethora of tools and features that make administration a breeze. Not sure how we got along without it all these years.” — Bed Bath & Beyond

We’re excited about the innovations we’re delivering to make our customers’ lives simpler. But we’re not stopping here. As your journey continues, so does ours, and we can’t wait for you to see all that lies ahead.