Introducing ControlUp for Virtual Servers

In early 2019, we conducted many customer interviews to learn about the challenges they face when managing their virtualized data center. Using those insights, we began work on a solution to make it easier for data center administrators to control and manage their virtualized data centers. 

Today, we are happy to announce the general availability of ControlUp for Virtual Servers, which allows virtualization and server admins (including ESXi, Hyper-V, AHV and Xenserver) to manage, optimize, and remediate virtualized environments using a real-time, comprehensive dashboard. 

As with our core solution, ControlUp for Virtual Servers gives data center administrators a comprehensive, real-time view of their entire virtualized server environment. Since environment data is collected and presented in real time (every 3 seconds), rather than with inaccurate averages over time, administrators get more precise data to make better management decisions about their environment. Along with detailed data, administrators can instantly drill down to a detailed process-level view and return to a high-level view without leaving the console, making troubleshooting a breeze. 

ControlUp for Virtual Servers is set up in a familiar, consistent, intuitive, spreadsheet-like view and uses a point-and-click interface to invoke one of the many built-in actions, or one of the hundreds of script actions, helping organizations reduce virtualization-related helpdesk calls and substantially reducing mean time to repair. Using ControlUp for Virtual Servers, you can track, troubleshoot, and triage your virtual infrastructure to cut costs and decrease downtime and outages by 30% or more.

ControlUp for Virtual Servers also leverages the ControlUp Virtual Expert to assist and guide you to troubleshoot and solve issues in your environment. Other innovations include an automation module and logic enabling administrators to create automatic responses and actions in reaction to scenarios also defined by the administrator. And, by combining ControlUp for Virtual Server’s granular incident trigger mechanism with the Script Action module, a script action can be tied to any incident trigger. 

ControlUp for Virtual Servers also works with ControlUp Insights to provide you with historic granular detail about your virtual server environment to enable ongoing optimization efforts.

To learn more about ControlUp for Virtual Servers and download the free 21-day trial, click here.