Keep Your Remote Teams Productive with ControlUp Edge DX!

Let’s face it: remote work is here to stay. If and when the pandemic recedes, remote work—or “work from anywhere,” as we call it—is both the present and the future of work. No longer can IT function with makeshift “solutions” to help your employees work from home; in order to be truly productive, these teams need tools that make systems work as well (or better than) as they do in the office.

That’s exactly why we created ControlUp Edge DX.

ControlUp Edge DX allows you to monitor your Windows-, Mac-, Linux-, and IGEL-based physical endpoints in real time, regardless of their location. With it, you can gain a holistic understanding of and detailed information about your endpoints. Delivered as a SaaS application, Edge DX is accessible from anywhere, is designed to work for organizations of any size, and be used by any audience, from IT admins to help desk employees.

And now? ControlUp Edge DX is better than ever. We’ve added two great new features—Remote Control and User Activity—that make managing your remote workforce and their digital employee experience easier and that give you more flexibility and control than ever before.

Let’s dive in and take a closer look at what’s new.

Remote Control

Perhaps the most powerful advancement in ControlUp Edge DX, Remote Control gives IT greater visibility and control into and over users’ physical endpoints. This is a huge step forward for help desk staff, since they no longer have to ask the user on the other end to explain what they are seeing on their desktops. They can simply see it themselves and then talk the user through the process of diagnosing and solving the problems they’re having.

ControlUp Edge DX Remote Control

With Edge DX Remote Control, the days of, effectively, throwing darts into the void in the hopes of hitting the target are gone. Now, your help desk staff don’t have to guess; they can see exactly what’s going on, saving time, money, and stress for them and for the end-user.


User Activity

With the global shift to remote work, one of the chief concerns for IT operations has been keeping costs under control. With the profusion of applications now necessary and IT doing its best to deliver a good employee experience, keeping end-users productive all the while, keeping sprawl at bay has been easier said than done.

That’s one of the things that makes the ControlUp Edge DX User Activity report so useful.

With it, IT can see which applications are being used the most and—perhaps more importantly—which applications are NOT being used, so they can be retired to recover costs.

ControlUp Edge DX User Activity

ControlUp Edge DX simplifies life for IT professionals

IT is under more pressure than ever to remove frustration for end-users, to keep teams productive, to keep costs under control, and, most importantly, to deliver a truly great digital employee experience. Until now, “solutions” to these problems had to be cobbled together with technological shoestrings and chewing gum. But with ControlUp Edge DX, these troubles are a thing of the past, and IT can breathe a little easier.

Get started with ControlUp Edge DX today and start delivering a world-class digital employee experience in just a few minutes!