Optimize your digital workplace with ControlUp experience scoring & sentiment, AI chatbot and cost insights

“Numerous IT pros around the world use ControlUp as a monitoring dashboard by sorting resource tables by different performance counter columns, such as CPU, memory usage, disk queue, etc.A new “Stress Level” column has been added to facilitate real-time monitoring by displaying a performance load measure based on a customizable set of counters…our user community will be able to use these features to identify performance bottlenecks more quickly and easily. 

So wrote Eugene, back then the Product Manager for ControlUp, on our blog back in February 2012 to introduce our “Stress Level” feature as part of our ControlUp 1.2 release, which was the industry’s first Experience Score. This feature revolutionized the way IT teams viewed data and helped them optimize their IT troubleshooting and remediation workflows.

The introduction of Stress Levels and many other features that followed was a logical product evolution driven by ControlUp’s core design principles: true real-time data, actionable insights, and lightweight deployment. These principles still inspire us to make our products better and empower IT admins and leaders to focus on strategic initiatives rather than break-fix. With ControlUp IT can dedicate more time and resources to mission-critical, business-value work.

We continue to reimagine digital employee experience (DEX) management to unburden IT from the compounding rate of change, the increasing demand of employee choice, and the growing complexity of adopted technologies and security risks with these key capabilities in our DEX platform:

Employee Experience Scoring & Insights: ControlUp’s unique experience scoring provides a comprehensive understanding of your employees’ digital experiences and improves root-cause analysis and remediation times.

Figure 1- ControlUp Experience Scoring – Improve root-cause analysis and remediation times

Enhanced Employee Sentiment Surveys: Device metrics only tell half the story of an employee’s digital experience. ControlUp helps IT understand the employee’s perspective of IT and the technologies they deliver through qualitative sentiment surveys.

Figure 2- Employee Sentiment – Customizable Branding and Surveys and Campaigns

GenAI Chatbot: Our AI-powered chatbot streamlines your IT support. With its ability to understand natural language, and respond to a wide range of queries, our chatbot can significantly reduce response times and improve service quality.

Figure 3 – ControlUp GenAI Chatbot – Let the answers come to you instead of searching for them

Cost Savings Dashboard: With this new dashboard, you can justify your investment and understand how ControlUp is lowering your IT spending. It provides insights into the value of key features such as our remediation and troubleshooting actions, our automation capabilities, and built-in remote assistance tools.

Figure 4 – Cost Savings Dashboard – understand how ControlUp is lowering your IT spending

Optimizing the digital workplace with ControlUp’s DEX platform is easier than ever, despite the increasing complexity of devices, applications, and locations. To learn more about how our innovations can help your team, visit our solutions pages or book a meeting.

About the author

Matt Pinnell

Matt Pinnell is a Director of Product Management at ControlUp, a role he has excelled in for over two years, leading the product management of Edge DX and DEX. Before joining ControlUp, Matt held significant positions at Willis Towers Watson, Dimension Data, and Capita IT Professional Services, where he honed his skills in App & Desktop Virtualization. Known for his expertise in global EUC virtualization services and Citrix technologies, Matt has made substantial contributions to service architecture and global team training. He is an active participant in the Modern Endpoint Management group, demonstrating his dedication to staying updated with industry advancements. Matt’s professional trajectory showcases his commitment to product excellence and innovation in the dynamic technology sector, with his work at ControlUp and contributions to the broader IT community reflecting his leadership and technical acumen.