True employee experience scoring and insights with ControlUp’s DEX Platform

Digital Employee Experience (DEX) scores are crucial in the modern IT landscape for several reasons. They signify a shift in how IT organizations measure operational excellence, moving away from the volume and speed of completed tasks and focusing more on the impact on the end-user. This provides a more accurate measure of IT team effectiveness and allows digital workplace leaders to report on this effectively.

In addition, DEX scores serve as a starting point for troubleshooting and remediation, making them an essential tool in the IT toolbox. Thus, DEX scores are pivotal in enhancing operational efficiency, employee satisfaction, and ultimately, business success.

Figure 1 – Get a quick snapshot of the employee’s digital workplace, their activity and scores

ControlUp Experience Scores: more than just a technology score

ControlUp Experience Scores are different from other scores used in the market. Not only because of our commitment to true real-time data collection, but also because of our employee-centric approach. ControlUp ensures that the score reflects the actual applications that employees actively use, providing a more accurate assessment of their digital experience. This is achieved through the prioritization of foreground applications, which is what an employee will notice most if affected by performance metrics that impact user experience.  

Additionally, by considering an employee’s keyboard and mouse activity and by capturing virtual desktop session server-side performance, ControlUp offers a comprehensive view of both client and server-side metrics. This holistic approach allows for a nuanced understanding of the digital workplace and makes ControlUp’s DEX scores a valuable asset for organizations aiming to enhance their IT operations and employee satisfaction. 

Figure 2 – Detailed overview of the employees and their experience across your estate

True real-time data collection matters

To generate scores that accurately reflect the employee’s experience and equip IT teams with a metric that allows them to spot issues proactively as they happen, true real-time data collection is needed. You might think that “real-time collection” is something that everyone does, but if you go past the marketing headlines, you will quickly learn that the meaning of this term varies greatly by solution. Sometimes it’s 1-minute intervals, sometimes 5-minute intervals, sometimes even longer. The reality is that nobody comes close to ControlUp’s 3-second data collection interval. 

Why does that matter? It’s simple: you can’t fix what you can’t see. So, if an end-user calls the helpdesk to report a performance issue that happened on their device, and the issue happened between collection intervals it’s just guesswork to start troubleshooting. If you don’t capture a metric dropping below acceptable levels, your alerts, triggers, and automations all fall flat and won’t work. It creates an incorrect assessment of the health of your IT environment and the digital experience your employees have. 

Figure 3 – True real-time collection mattersWith ControlUp you can trust and act on the numbers you see because of our true real-time collection. 

Intuitive dashboards and detail drill-downs

ControlUp’s intuitive Employees overview dashboard is the best starting point for every digital workplace leader or IT admin. If you are looking for a high-level, over-time view of the digital employee experience in your environment, it offers filtering options including by department, employee location, and device hardware. You can also use it to proactively understand and address digital experience issues.  

From this dashboard you can just follow the “breadcrumbs”, by either selecting a specific problem area such as “App Crashes” or by “following the red” all the way down to a specific user at a specific minute in time to understand what impacted their individual score. 

Figure 4 – Drill down into experience details

Fully customizable experience score profiles

As is usual with ControlUp solutions, you can get immediate value without any complicated configuration or setup. Experience scores are calculated based on out-of-the-box scoring profiles that include device health and performance, application performance and issues, Unified Comms performance, and remote VDI & DaaS session performance. But we recognize that there is no “one size fits all. Customers can fully customize how scores are calculated, including prioritizing apps that are more important, which metrics to include, what conditions need to be met to be included in score impact, and which devices should be targeted. 

Figure 5 – Out-of-the-box as well as fully customizable score rules


Figure 6 – Available metrics for Experience Score profiles

ControlUp’s Employee Dashboards and Experience Scoring continue a long tradition of helping IT teams deliver more value in less time. When IT teams can look at their data, they are better able to optimize troubleshooting and remediation workflows. These new features on ControlUp’s already-powerful DEX platform empower IT admins and leaders to focus on strategic initiatives rather than break-fix, allowing them to dedicate more time and resources to mission-critical, business-value work. 

To learn more about how our innovations can help your team, check out our solutions pages or book a meeting. 

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