Our VMworld 2019 Video Diary

In August 2019, over 20,000 of the world’s brightest IT professionals gathered to preview and celebrate VMware’s new and emerging technology at VMworld. For us, VMworld is a chance to catch up with existing customers, meet new customers, and showcase the technology we’ve created to optimize VMware-specific environments.

This year, the ControlUp crew gathered at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California, clad in brand new Virtualization Superhero t-shirts, ready to show the (VM)world what ControlUp had to offer. We celebrated the launch of ControlUp for Virtual Servers and previewed significant improvements to our VMware Horizon integration. Many thanks to every attendee that visited our booth!

As ControlUp’s in-house amateur photographer, videographer, and customer advocate, I sought to document our VMworld experience, as it is, after all, one of our biggest events of the year. As a member of ControlUp’s advance team for VMworld, I was able to get into Moscone Center on the Thursday before the conference to catch our booth being built by my new friends and professional booth builders Terry and Greg. Without them, none of this would have been possible!

ControlUp booth at VMWorld 2019On Sunday morning our booth was ready to go. On Sunday evening, when thousands of VMware users filed into the Moscone to kick off the start of VMworld 2019, I started recording my video catch-ups with ControlUp customers.

Tom stopped by at the beginning of the week. Tom has been a ControlUp customer for EIGHT YEARS!!! His original use case — analyzing performance issues when something’s not right in his team’s Horizon deployment — is still one of his primary use cases for ControlUp. “ControlUp will dive right in, and it looks great.”

ControlUp Testimonial at VMWorld 2019

Colby told me that ControlUp is their “tool shed.” I LOVE that! For Colby, ControlUp is a one stop shop that he and his team use constantly. “We use it to monitor every virtual machine that we have. We also look at our servers and hosts. We push applications through [ControlUp]. We also manage all of our resources. We basically use it for everything!”

ControlUp Testimonial at VMWorld 2019

Jimmy’s history with ControlUp is really unique. At VMworld 2018, Jimmy visited our booth and learned about ControlUp for the first time. While listening to a demo, he realized that ControlUp would address the exact issue he was currently experiencing in his environment. After the demo, he went back to his hotel and immediately returned to our booth with his laptop. We helped him download a free ControlUp trial and deploy it in his environment without affecting his day-to-day operations. Using ControlUp, he immediately found the database issues he was having, and fixed the problem in 20 minutes. Real-time troubleshooting and remediation right in our booth!

ControlUp Testimonial at VMWorld 2019

Attending conferences with ControlUp and learning from our customers is my favorite part of my job. I love discovering face-to-face how we make it easier for our customers to do their job, improve end-users’ experience, and help their organizations be more efficient.

See the video below for a visual VMworld 2019 recap, and watch for cameos from booth builders Terry and Greg!