Reading Between The IT Lines – Issue #4

Howdy tech fans and welcome to yet another edition where I review what’s hot – and what’s not – in the IT sphere. Check out my latest impressions.



This is a really great article about where and how Microsoft should expand its business in the SaaS-first world. And a very nice discussion about the SaaS market as a whole. Link

Sign #325 it’s not the same Microsoft anymore, they released a drag-and-drop based service that helps you create your Machine Learning models as simple as drawing a diagram. Link

And sign #326, Microsoft is going to release their own Linux Kernel. Yeah, crazy.
And they are doing so to improve the performance of their beloved (or it’s just me?) Linux subsystem on Windows. Link

And #327, Microsoft is taking Visual Studio online. It has been nice to meet you Cloud9 (and any other online IDE). SaaS is definitely eating up the world. Link

Lastly, #328, Microsoft announced Windows Terminal, their future command-prompt/shell/PowerShell tool. Looks amazing. Link



Brian Madden and his not-so-surprising view on the recent VMware EUC related announcements. Link

Christian with an awesome article on everything you wanted to know about Azure WVD. Link

Nicolas did just the same and wrote a summary about Azure WVD. Link

Nutanix is taking Frame to on-prem deployments on top of AHV. Jack did some writing about that. Link

And a video of the demo that has been presented in .NEXT conference. Link
Nicolas sharing his experience of playing with it. Link

Mainly reminds me of the happy days of KavizaCitrix’s vdi-in-a-box.

Ever wanted to run Citrix Health Assistant (and check the health of your VDAs) in PowerShell? Now you can. Link



Finally, now customers can purchase the VMware Cloud on AWS service directly from AWS and its partners. Link
If you’re interested, VMware maintains a constantly updated release notes page for VMware on AWS service. Link

VMware and Red Hat are going to mutually support running OpenShift on VMware. Link

Ever wonder what NUMA is and never had anyone to ask? Get a beer and watch this deep dive video. Link

How to shrink VMDKs. Link

VMware acquired Bitnami to simplify application stack deployment. Link


IT and Tech

Yet another horror story of a failed IT project. Link

App Annie published their annual State of The Mobile report. A few quick insights – a. China is a beast; b. In some countries it’s totally normal to have 100 apps installed on your phone; c. Overall we are all spending much more time on our apps compared to two years ago; d. We are spending much more money on mobile apps. Link

Why a unified monitoring tool has become so important in the cloudhybrid world. It’s about the business. Link

Citrix released version 13 of NetScalerCitrix ADC. What’s new. Link

Looks like HPC it’s still a thing. HPE bought Cray for $1.3 Billion. Link


Cloud ☁️

This is cool, AWS created an interactive 3D map of their regions, AZs and PoPs. Link

Now you can share AWS encrypted AMIs between accounts. Link

Nice article about the differences between different Azure network related services (Application Gateway, Load Balancer, Front Door and Firewall). Link


Expanding Horizons

A (very) long – but totally worth it – discussion with Fei-Fei Li (one of the main figures in the AI world) and Yuval Noah Harari (author of three best sellers about the history and future of our society) about the impact of AI on humanity. Link


I hope you enjoyed this edition and possibly learned something you weren’t aware of. Stay tuned for my next edition, coming soon!