What’s the Buzz About Scoutbees?

Scoutbees: Proactively Monitor Your Business App Availability

Now, more than ever, it’s vital that your EUC environment—VDI endpoints, network appliances, and corporate published resources—are operating at optimal levels. With the global workforce now working from home, it’s imperative that logon durations are quick and that published resources are available for your end-users when they need them.

Scoutbees by ControlUp

To answer this call, ControlUp created Scoutbees. Scoutbees is a fully managed service—you don’t need to install anything for cloud-based tests or install a service to allow you to test your internal resources—that provides a more reliable network environment for your users.

As Prince once said, “Dig, if you will, the picture” (we know he wasn’t talking about end-user computing, but stick with me here):

You’re a systems administrator. You log off your workstation on Friday evening and head out (no one “heads out” anymore) to have a relaxing weekend with friends (read: have 5-10 Zoom calls with friends whose hair is now comically long).

On Monday morning, your phone starts blowing up with notifications from your help desk system (so much for your weekend Zen, amirite?) and all you want to do is get back into bed and pull the covers up over your head.

No such luck.

It’s an EUC nightmare. Your end-users are unable to log in to their virtual desktops, and some are experiencing slower-than-normal logons for other published resources. And? They’re freaking out. This Monday morning, to be sure, is harshing your post-weekend mellow.

Enter Scoutbees, by ControlUp.

ControlUp created Scoutbees so you can proactively monitor the availability and responsiveness of your published resources. These business applications and workspaces are critical to your users’ productivity and to business continuity on the whole. If you have to find out about problems directly from your end-users, well… it’s already too late. With Scoutbees, you’ll be able to know about any problems with published resources before your users are affected.

Scouts—customized published resource checks that are launched from Hives that are placed internally (or externally) to the corporate network—show you the health of the published resource they’re checking. They can tell you about success ratios, how long it took to get a session ready, or detailed information about the previous ten runs of a given Scout.

If a Scout reports a failure, you can see the reason for the failure, or which phase(s) failed to complete. For successful tests, Scouts will show you the various phases of a given connection and how long each took to complete, as well as details about the connection’s underlying environment.

With Scoutbees, you can set tests to run from a cloud-based location (managed by ControlUp) or install a Custom Hive component in any location (e.g. branches, internal networks, VPCs, and so on) to test connections to internal resources, such as through Citrix Storefront or VMware Workspace ONE.

But that’s not all!

Scoutbees doesn’t just test resources’ availability; it can provide you with valuable insights about the health of connection flow and your entire EUC environment (e.g. login times, network latency, brokers, and more).

Right now, your end users are working in unfamiliar surroundings, trying to stay productive while dealing with stress-baking spouses, TikTokking teens, and toddlers who melt down just when their latest video conference went live. They don’t need the added stress of not being able to access the resources they need to get their work done. And frankly, neither do you.

ControlUp can help bring that weekend Zen feeling back. Scoutbees is here to help you deliver reliable business applications, simply. Take Scoutbees for a spin; register for your free trial today!