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This script shows the Monitor Capacity and Usage from the monitor side.

Works for both Cloud and On-Prem deployments!

RT 8.6.5 and higher only
Version: 2.0.2  |   Created: 2024-02-12  |   Modified: 2024-02-25  |   Creator: Wouter Kursten  |   Downloads: 19
The ControlUp Stress Settings calculator enables you to use your own historical data to determine how to set your Stress thresholds in the real-time console. The calculator requires historical data exported from ControlUp Monitor of from ControlUp Insights.
For full step-by-step instructions on preparing the data and using the calculator, please visit the following page:
Version: 1.13.25  |   Created: 2020-12-18  |   Modified: 2021-01-17  |   Creator: Wouter Kursten  |   Downloads: 432
This script changes the following settings in order to improve the resilience of ControlUp Monitor to service failures:
- Sets the ServicesPipeTimeout registry value to 90000
- Sets the service recovery options to restart the service on first and second failure
Version: 1.3.11  |   Created: 2020-11-16  |   Modified: 2020-11-23  |   Creator: Joel Stocker  |   Downloads: 73
Adds the chosen computer, which already has the ControlUp agent installed and running, to the chosen ControlUp folder.

Must be run on a machine running the ControlUp Monitor Service (this is not the ControlUp Agent Service)
Version: 1.1.10  |   Created: 2020-05-11  |   Modified: 2020-06-03  |   Creator: Guy Leech  |   Downloads: 79