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Take charge of your VDI with ControlUp and Microsoft™️ Azure Virtual Desktop

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Microsoft™️ Azure Virtual Desktop delivers a simple way to quickly deploy virtual desktops and apps to enable secure remote work. Paired with robust Script Actions from ControlUp, administrators now have a powerful new way to ensure their environments are sized correctly, performant, and have the information they need to make strategic decisions confidently and intelligently.
Powerful Management for Windows Virtual Desktop

Administrators using Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) to run deployments on Azure can use ControlUp to monitor, troubleshoot, and remediate issues in real time. The ControlUp Console connects simply to Windows Virtual Desktop to monitor resource consumption and deliver valuable insights for optimizing user experience and easily manage Azure virtual machines.

One View, Many Capabilities

With ControlUp’s AVD integration, admins can easily manage WVD Host Pools, Session Hosts, Users, and more directly from the ControlUp Console. With a simple click, ControlUp unlocks a treasure trove of capabilities to augment the power of Windows Virtual Desktop. ControlUp’s WVD Script Actions are purpose-built to save time, save money, and make managing your WVD environment simple.

Optimize User Experience

Excessive logon or application launch times, high protocol latency, and bandwidth limitations can all have a dramatic negative effect on the AVD user experience. ControlUp real-time user experience monitoring can immediately detect degradation of UX metrics like logon duration, application load time, session latency, and user input delay per application, allowing IT to proactively optimize end-user desktop environments and ensure a great user experience.

Streamline Troubleshooting

ControlUp simplifies management with preconfigured user experience metrics. Historical data and reports enable quick performance benchmarking, and Script Actions enable IT to extend and automate AVD management actions. Many scripts have been created and shared by the ControlUp user community, strengthening ControlUp’s comprehensive toolset.

Bridging the gap with ControlUp

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