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ControlUp solutions for Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop

ControlUp delivers a powerful way to ensure IT administrators managing Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktops (AVD) have the tools and information they need to make strategic decisions that maximize the performance of their VDI environment.

Common Microsoft AVD challenges

End user experience

When your AVD applications are slow, troubleshooting the root cause can be painful and time consuming.

ControlUp’s granular metrics provides quick insight from the end point, the network and about how interactive an application is, improving the end user experience.

Only 20% of employees feel supported when troubleshooting tech [1]

ControlUp benefits for Microsoft AVD

Improved Azure Virtual Desktop user experience

Excessive logon or application launch times, high protocol latency, and bandwidth limitations can all negatively impact the Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop user experience. ControlUp’s real-time user experience monitoring can immediately detect degradation of UX metrics like logon duration, application load time, session latency, and user input delay per application, allowing IT to proactively optimize desktop environments and ensure a great end user experience

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Reduced cost of Azure deployments

ControlUp brings visibility to the cost of your Azure Virtual Desktop resources in a clean, efficient view. In addition to this visibility, you can take action within ControlUp to stop and deallocate machines, optimize session performance of inactive workloads, and shut down your Azure Virtual Desktop machines faster to reduce session timeouts after-hours.

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Ensured health and availability

Having a resource become unavailable unexpectedly can send tickets flooding in from end-users calling the helpdesk. ControlUp can automatically monitor the availability of Azure AD and Azure Virtual Desktop resources, proactively alerting you should an outage occur, giving you a more complete picture of the issue and a little more heads up to start working on resolving the outage.

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Real-time session experience insights

ControlUp delivers thousands of real-time performance and usage metrics presented in intuitive dashboards.This gives IT teams a full end-to-end view of the health of their Azure Virtual Desktop environment from the subscription down to the process level.

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Streamlined Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop Troubleshooting

ControlUp’s unique Virtual Expert™ technology combined with an extensive script library allows IT teams to quickly troubleshoot, find root-causes and remediate issues, either manually or proactively through automation.

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