ControlUp v8.2: Now Fully Integrated with Citrix Cloud!

Citrix Virtualization

Last week, we released ControlUp v8.2, the boldest, most advanced version of ControlUp ever. And one of its most exciting new features is full integration with Citrix Cloud. 

With Citrix Cloud, and with minimal effort, you can monitor and manage a full-fledged Citrix virtualization environment anywhere in the world.

On-premises? ✅
In a cloud provider? ✅
On both at the same time? ✅ ✅

ControlUp works with Citrix and Managed Service Providers to help deliver the best possible user experience on Citrix products and solutions while cutting costs and decreasing downtime. And we’ve seen customers at every stage of their cloud journey, supporting them every step along the way.

We’ve seen customers who made a bee-line to virtualization by going straight to Citrix Cloud with no prior solution. These were customers new to the cloud, but who embraced it with both arms.

We’ve seen customers migrate from their locally installed Citrix control plane to Citrix Cloud.

We’ve seen customers go all-in—including all machine resources—going from legacy, on-premises deployments to Citrix Cloud.

We’ve seen customers move just a few machine resources to the cloud, keeping some on-premises, but have all resources managed by Citrix Cloud.

We’ve seen customers keep their on-premises resources, but decommission their local Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops as they moved to the Citrix Cloud.

You could say we’ve seen it all.

There are many paths to Citrix Virtualization; here are just some of the journeys:

  • New to Citrix Cloud
  • Migrating to Citrix Cloud
  • Previously tried Citrix Cloud

But as easy as it can be, with ControlUp v8.2’s full-blown integration with Citrix Virtualization, ControlUp has just made everyone’s journey easier.

With ControlUp offering monitoring and management capabilities for Citrix Cloud resources—Cloud Connectors, Delivery Groups, Machines and Sessions—we can help ensure your cloud journey is a smooth one. ControlUp’s intuitive interface makes it ideal for management and monitoring, all from a single pane of glass, and all in real time.

For those new to Citrix Cloud, ControlUp’s one-stop-shop means being able to quickly understand issues and mitigate them faster. With built-in shadowing, contextually sensitive management actions, full-fledged file system, and registry capabilities, as well as a built-in RDP manager and fine-grained security configuration, ControlUp ensures your cloud journey will be a success.

The KISS Principle: Keep It Simple, Stupid

It’s often said that keeping things simple is best. But when you’re moving to the cloud, “simple” isn’t always a thing. 

Migrating to Citrix Cloud can be a complex process. But with ControlUp—our new release is strongly positioned to help—managing Citrix Cloud is simple.

The first integration ControlUp ever offered was for the on-prem version of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops. With our new Citrix Cloud integration, ControlUp enables you to manage and monitor both environments during your migration.

Executing a migration of resources—from machines in a on-prem delivery group to a Citrix Cloud Delivery Group, for example—can all be managed right from the ControlUp Console.

And, just like that? Your migration is a go! Need to fall back? Just right-click and do the reverse. It’s just that simple and quick.

If you’ve previously tried Citrix Cloud and shied away due to the lack of monitoring of the platform, now’s the time to try again; ControlUp can help! With built-in enumeration of objects and resources and monitoring, ControlUp gives you the ability to take control with our native Windows application. With the help of an “in-RAM Database,” the ControlUp Console can track thousands of objects and update their metrics every three seconds. ControlUp gives you the peace of mind of knowing that what you see is the “right now” state of your environment.

ControlUp has long offered comprehensive monitoring for Citrix Cloud machine resources with custom and native Windows metrics, but now we’re able to take that a big step further.

With the release of ControlUp v8.2, we now offer Citrix Cloud-specific management actions and Citrix Cloud-specific real-time metrics. Enable or disable your Citrix Cloud Delivery Groups from the ControlUp Console, configure maintenance mode, and see the configuration changes occur right in real-time on our metric grid. ControlUp: it’s just that simple.