BriForum Denver 2015 Wrap-Up


If you weren’t there this year, then maybe you don’t know that BriForum 2015 was a raging success. As first time exhibitors we received a very warm welcome in Denver, Colorado from the organizers (thank you TechTarget!) and attendees alike.  We learned a lot about trends, the surrounding VDI ecosystem and heard some great presentations.

In his keynote, Brian Madden showed a lot of love for terminal services, RDSH and commented that on-prem is actually on-premises.  His closing remarks were filled with nostalgia as he looked back on the past 18 years of BriForum events.



There was a lot of action on the expo floor.  Customers and consultants flocked to the ControlUp booth and our presentation, showered us with love and lots of interest (maybe because of the silly putty and SysAdmin Squad t-shirts, but maybe not).  Of course our UI brought them in, but it was our management solution that brought on a lot of excitement and had us fielding lots of questions – especially for our Script Based Actions (SBAs), controllers for management actions and multi-target actions.


A big thank you to Shane Kleinert for doing demo after demo at our booth and presenting with Eugene (our VP Product Management): ControlUp – A Super-Console for Mastering Your VDI Environment.  Sorry folks, no slide stack to share, as the guys did a live demo for the audience.  You’ll have to wait for the on-demand video to come out. We’ll share it when it does.  In the meantime, we’ll see you at BriForum 2016.