ControlUp Insights – Historical Reporting & Analytics for End-user Computing

It’s a big day here at ControlUp! Today we released our new analytics and historical reporting platform, ControlUp Insights, together with a new version of our Real-time console – ControlUp 5.0.

Last year, we spent a lot of time speaking with our customers, EUC community leaders and industry experts in order to understand the requirements and expectations from a system that provides historical reports and analytics for EUC environments. We also reviewed quite a few existing products to see what we could learn and what we should avoid when planning our own solution.

I am proud to say we ended up with a platform that combines our unique ControlUp Spirit and meets the requirements of our existing and potential customer base. We were also able to introduce a brand new concept, Collective Analytics, which will enable companies to compare their own KPI’s and performance metrics against the community global benchmarks.

ControlUp Insights is based on the following key principals:

  • Simple – as any existing ControlUp Real-time user knows, we believe that every solution, even advanced ones, should be simple to install, configure and use. ControlUp Insights, a cloud based service, requires a single component at the customer site and takes minutes to install, even in a large customer network. Once the customer logs in, all relevant historical reports and analytics dashboards are available for use, no need for scripting or developing complex queries

  • Interactive – ControlUp Insights is not a ‘read-only’ reporting platform, features like report drill-down, dynamic filters and data exports enable the end-user to quickly jump between reports and dashboards in order to see the full picture or quickly troubleshoot an issue

  • Beautiful – too many solutions we reviewed focused on data collection and complex ‘platform-like’ features but totally neglected the end-user interface. ControlUp Insights provides a clean, intuitive and beautiful interface that allows end-users to quickly understand the important results and how to interact with the data


  • Insightful – well that’s obvious, right? But beyond classic first-gen analytics, we strongly believe customers can benefit from knowing how they compare against the global benchmark. ControlUp Insights provides comparative analytics whenever it matters, from KPI’s like Logon Duration to average resource consumption of enterprise applications

New features in ControlUp Real-time 5.0

Besides enabling ControlUp Insights data collection, ControlUp Real-time 5.0 includes new features that will enhance the experience of any Citrix/VMware admin:

  • Citrix License Monitoring – ControlUp now provides a real-time view of Citrix license usage and can alert if the utilization percentage crossed a pre-defined threshold
  • Enhanced User Session Columns
    • Protocol latency – display the avg. session latency for both HDX and PCoIP sessions
    • Branch name – show the physical location of the end user endpoint
    • PCoIP session bandwidth – show the avg. and real-time bandwidth usage for PCoIP sessions
  • Miscellaneous
    • Non-paged pool memory column – a new computer column that enables to monitor the PVS RAM cache usage
    • Controllers Export – The Controllers pane now allows for exporting comparison data for any registry key or value, system service, file, folder or network share. The Export functionality creates an Excel file containing the comparison table displayed in the rightmost panel of the Controllers pane
    • Enhanced Script-based Action output window – redesigned to match the classic PowerShell look-and-feel and to improve the usability of script output comparison

Getting started with ControlUp Insights in four quick steps: