Want Some Exciting News? ControlUp’s Making Waves in EUEM!

We have exciting news! ControlUp has been recognized as a Strong Performer in The Forrester Wave™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022 report.


In the time since I joined ControlUp in early 2020, the company has come a long, long way. Back then, we were known, primarily, for being the market leader in VDI monitoring, troubleshooting, and remediation. But then, the pandemic hit and everything about the way the world works changed in an instant.

With the overnight shift to remote work, our VDI and DaaS solutions proved helpful for IT teams in ways we had never considered, but even so, we knew that we could do more. We heard, each and every day, from our customers about solutions they wished they had, things they wished they could see, issues they wished they could remediate and optimize. That was the beginning of the ControlUp of today.

With the acquisition of Avacee in December 2020, we added technology that enabled technology teams to monitor physical endpoints. It was a great start, and just the beginning of the capabilities we offer now. ControlUp for Physical Endpoints and Apps (what you know as Edge DX), now not only gives IT line-of-sight into physical endpoints, but it now includes monitoring and optimization for unified communications tools, like Microsoft Teams and Zoom; visibility into the performance and availability of SaaS and web applications; user sentiment metrics, and much more, so IT can improve the experience employees have when they’re interacting with technologies.

So, when ControlUp was recognized as a Strong Performer in the Forrester Wave™️: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022 report, to say that our team was enormously proud would be a pretty big understatement.


Quote from Forrester Wave about ControlUp's EUEM solution.


If you’re not familiar with Forrester’s work, their report provides an exhaustive evaluation of the most significant end-user experience management (EUEM) vendors.  Forrester has researched, analyzed, and scored the providers cited in the report to help technology professionals make informed purchases that will enable them to deliver on the promise of an exceptional digital employee experience.

In the report, ControlUp received the highest score possible in the virtualized endpoints, synthetic testing, execution roadmap, performance, as well as the number of customers evaluation criteria.

The report also says that “ControlUp has executed well, releasing multiple net-new EUEM-focused features (e.g., employee feedback and scoring), securing $100 million in outside investment, and expanding its engineering and sales force headcount substantially. It accomplished this while maintaining market-leading year-over-year revenue growth and client retention.”

Getting feedback like this means more to us than we can say, and only fuels us further to create a platform that truly helps people. Digital employee experience (or DEX, as it’s come to be known) management is a way for technology teams to make people’s day-to-day lives simpler. Platforms like ControlUp help keep people productive, help keep IT teams from pulling their hair out, and remove frustration from people’s lives (I think we can all agree that the world could use a bit more of that).


Helping Our Customers Keep Their Distributed Teams Happy & Productive

At ControlUp, we love to see the myriad ways our products impact the digital employee experience for our customers around the world. IT pros make the work-from-anywhere world possible. The brunt of this paradigm shift to remote work has fallen onto them and they’ve shown stunning creativity and adaptiveness as the world around them changed, quite literally, in an instant. To the extent that ControlUp has helped them make this new world simpler, we could not be more honored. 


The work-from-anywhere world is here to stay, and IT teams will need better, more innovative solutions to help them give people the kind of remote work experience employees today demand. We believe ControlUp’s placement as a Strong Performer in the Forrester Wave™️ report solidifies our commitment to creating a future of work that works better and removes frustration for the world’s distributed workforce. In short, we want to create a world where technology isn’t a hindrance, but a means of making lives easier. 

If you want to read the full Forrester Wave™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022 report and see how ControlUp stacks up against other vendors in the field, you can access it here.


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Joel Stocker is a technologist's technologist. An industry veteran with over 20 years of experience in End-User Computing (EUC), he's held numerous technical field sales and product roles at Citrix. Never one to settle, Joel always seeks to unlock the super powers of ControlUp technology and expand its usefulness for our customers. All of this, paired with a genuine love of technology and the ways it can change business (not to mention incisive wit and witticism) helps him help our customers and partners improve their EUC infrastructure and deliver stellar end-user experiences.