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Tag: Remote

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Add a public IP address if not already assisgned, launch mstsc to the public IP address, wait for mstsc to exit and then remove public IP address (if script assigned it)
Version: 3.2.12  |   Created: 2021-11-01  |   Modified: 2022-10-06  |   Creator: Guy Leech  |   Downloads: 21
Opens a remote PowerShell session to the selceted computer(s) or to the computer(s) hosting the selected process(es) or user session(s). WinRM and PowerShell remoting already needs to be configured on the target computers. You can do that with ControlUp using the "Enable PSRemoting" SBA.
Version: 1.11.12  |   Created: 2015-08-20  |   Modified: 2016-08-17  |   Creator: Eugene Kalayev  |   Downloads: 710